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Case Study

How Segmenta helped the sales force of one of our key clients in the pharmaceutical sector to optimise sales by using the right content at the right time 


Our client, a pharmaceutical company, implemented a segmentation study that lasted for six months. The study was wide-ranging, and involved company employees as well as doctors from China, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Russia, England and other key markets. 

The main goal of the study was to distribute the company's customers into segmentation groups according to their methods of treating patients. 

Customer segmentation was supposed to help create the right content which would include relevant data, key messages, patient cases, corresponding to the relevant journey phase of their customers – the HCPs could be in the aware, consider, prescribe, or advocate phase. After the completion of the segmentation study, another 6 months passed, in which the global marketers worked on finalising the concept and its launch in all markets. Then came the main challenge: despite extensive training, the sales force continued to use irrelevant content with its customers, and the key messages did not reach the right groups of doctors. 

The question is: how can the global department ensure that the sales force always use the right content with their key customers? 

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increase of sales in their pilot region over a period of 10 months. 

The issue we must address 

The development or implementation of a segmentation content supply tool that will display the right content when a marketer, a medical adviser, or a member of the sales force wants to visit a doctor to deliver educational materials, or will provide access to relevant content and key messages. Our client wants to make sure that they will be able to meet the needs, the micro-moments, and the objectives of their customers. 


The solution 

Our Segmenta system was chosen by our client to optimise the finding of the right content when medical representatives plan a call with their customers. The first step in the implementation of the system was related to the integration with Veeva Vault which helped with the quick distribution of the already approved content to the customer segments and micro-moments already present in our system. This action allowed our product to start showing only relevant content when medical representatives plan an appointment. 



The global team was really impressed with the outcomes, sales in their pilot region were increased by 7,2% over a period of five months. 

If you would like to turn your sales team into a productive and knowledgeable force, we have the solution! 

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Industry:All Therapy Areas
Company size:20 000 Empoyees