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Case Study

NEO Pro – the powerful tool for the development of customised event agendas


Our client annually takes part in a major international congress attended by professionals from around the world. The pharma company prepares a large number of activities related to its participation in the congress: a symposium, expert presentations, daily highlight sessions. In addition, posters are created, materials that present new data are prepared, and a virtual booth is set up that facilitates access to different types of interactive content. Clearly, there is an abundance of content to choose from. 

The question is how to create a programme with information about these activities so that individual professionals have access: 

  • Only to the sessions that are important to them, or 
  • Only to the materials that are relevant. 
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31 - 57%
increase in participation in the virtual and in-person congress sessions

The issue we must address 

Our client has a large number of scientific materials (over 30) and provides access to seven expert sessions during the congress. 

Every doctor has individual preferences for participating in sessions or accessing posters and scientific data. 

Local teams have email templates that contain information about all activities (over 40), which means that they cannot meet the needs of the individual doctor by providing them with a programme that contains information only about the relevant sessions and the materials of interest.  

The solution 

  • We created a web programme that included all activities. 
  • During the visit to the specialist's office, the medical representatives opened the application on their tablet to discuss which of the activities would be of interest. 
  • The doctor identified the most relevant activities, and with just a few clicks, the medical representative created a web programme for the specialist that could be sent via email immediately after the meeting. 



  • Our smart NEO Pro system fully met the needs of our client: with NEO Pro, medical representatives enjoyed the freedom to create congress programmes using content that was approved by the medical department. 
  • The congress programme fully met the needs of doctors as it had been proposed by them during a conversation with the medical representative. 
  • Personalised programmes were received very positively by doctors. 
  • The participation in the virtual and in-person congress sessions increased significantly: we achieved a growth of 31 – 57% for the various presentation sessions. 
  • The content that our client created for the congress generated the necessary interest as it was sent at the specific request of individual doctors. 

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Customer:All Therapy Areas
Company size:~55 000 Empoyees