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Case Study

Vanilla - The Successful Content Management System


Every year, our customer organises a large-scale workshop to plan all content activities. The workshop is attended by members of the global marketing team and the medical department as well as representatives of the key regions and markets. 

During the one -day meeting, decisions are made on content creation and publications; participation in events, congresses, virtual and hybrid meetings; and the key channels for communication with doctors and patients are mapped out. 

More than 80 people participate and generate various ideas. Proposals for different types of communication formats are developed: email campaigns, web applications and platforms, articles, interactive content, scientific posters, presentations, events, etc.  

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18 %
increased traffic to Veeva Vault
23 %
increase in Global content re-use


After each meeting, it is necessary to summarise the large volume of information in order to review all ideas and to prepare the strategy for content creation while taking into account the needs of doctors and patients. Each content item refers to a strategic goal, brand, doctor's personality or segment, micro-moment of the doctor or patient, type of content – hero, hub, help, preference for communication through certain digital or face2face channels, etc. 

Creating a summary information file takes a lot of time and resources but this is not the main problem. 


The issues we must address 

  • How to create a convenient format that provides a good overview of all the information and at the same time facilitates easy use of the materials created by the global department. We currently have an Excel file with over 200 lines; 
  • How to optimise the understanding of the strategy of content usage so that all marketing goals are achieved; 
  • How to present the 12-month rolling content plan; 
  • How to integrate everything with Veeva Vault – a global system for the approval of medical content. 



  • We have created a web content management system that contains an interactive rolling content calendar. The tool shows all the content created over the past 48 months and everything that is to be created in the next 12 months; 
  • We have created an event calendar that is fully integrated and synchronised with the content management system; 
  • We have created a segmentation tool that shows how the content is used; 
  • We have fully integrated a system with Veeva Vault to automate all processes.


After the launch of the system, it proved to be so successful that it was applied throughout the company and in all therapeutic areas. 

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Customer:All Therapy Areas
Company size:~57 000 Empoyees