General terms and conditions for using the website

Last modified: 08.07.2022


Art. 1. (1) These General Terms and Conditions govern the use of the website (hereinafter referred to as the „Website“), administered by the company „WeLoveDigi“ EOOD., with its seat and registered office at city of Sofia, 111 Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Blvd, floor 1 (hereinafter referred to as „WeLoveDigi“).

(2) By using this Website, users are considered familiar with the general conditions and accept and undertake to comply with them.

(3) These general terms and conditions do not lead to a change in the terms of any other written agreement that third parties may have concluded with „WeLoveDigi“ regarding the use of other products or services.


Art. 2. (1) „WeLoveDigi“ provides free of charge for personal use to the user web access to all published and publicly available on the Website text, graphic, audio and video materials, etc., which are developed by „WeLoveDigi“ and / or its partners.

(2) The User has the right to access the services of the Website, in view of their use for their needs in compliance with the conditions and requirements for access set by „WeLoveDigi“.

(3) The user himself provides the necessary technical equipment and internet connection for the use of the Website.

(4) The user may access any content published on the Website only for personal use, using the normal functionality of the site.

(5) The User undertakes not to access content published on the Website through any other technology or means other than the technologies and means provided by the Website and implemented through the normal functionality of the same.

(6) The User undertakes not to use the Website for illegal purposes. The User undertakes to comply with all applicable local, national and international regulations when using the Website (including those relating to intellectual property).

Art. 3. (1) The website may contain external links to websites of third parties. Such links to third party websites are provided for user convenience only.

(2) „WeLoveDigi“ does not endorse the content of such third party websites. „WeLoveDigi“ is not responsible for the content or any damages that may arise as a result of the user’s access to the websites of these third parties.


Art. 4. (1) The intellectual property rights over all elements of the content of the Website, including design, software programs, databases, text, drawings, graphics, sketches and other information or elements, are subject to copyright within the meaning of the Copyright and Related Rights Act and / or the the Law on Trademarks and Geographical Indications and are the property of „WeLoveDigi“ and / or a designated third party who has transferred the right to use „WeLoveDigi“. These objects of intellectual property may not be used in violation of the applicable law.

(2) The right of access of the user to the materials and resources of the Website does not include the right to use, record, store, change, adapt, distribute publicly, copy or reproduce information, materials and resources, as well as to use objects of intellectual property, unless it is insignificant information intended for personal use, provided that the legitimate interests of the authors or other holders of intellectual property rights are not unduly prejudiced and that the copying or reproduction is carried out for non-commercial purposes. Notwithstanding the above, the user has no right to remove the trademark and other intellectual property rights from the materials available to him, regardless of whether the holder of the relevant rights is Science Bite, his partner, customer or other third party.


Art. 5. „WeLoveDigi“ shall not bear any liability for:

1. any interference or technical problems hindering the use of the Website, which are due to the operation of the computer equipment by the user, such as hardware or software problem, problem with the Internet connection, etc.

2. the timeliness, deletion, impossibility to deliver or save personal settings of the user, as well as for damages and lost profits, occurred as a result of using the Website or inability to use them due to technical problems, prevention, etc.

3. any damages caused by or related in any way to the access, use or inability to use the Website. All information on the Website is provided in accordance with the current Bulgarian legislation, without a guarantee from „WeLoveDigi“ for its inviolability and safety from malicious attacks by third parties.

4. the subjective perceptions and interpretation of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information resources of the Website.

5. the information (including its completeness and authenticity) contained in the Website, as well as the websites of third parties to which the Website refers;

Art. 6. (1) The User is obliged to indemnify „WeLoveDigi“ for all damages, costs and claims of third parties, which are the result of violation by the user of these general terms and / or unregulated use of the Website.

(2) Apart from the one indicated in para. 1, the user is obliged to indemnify „WeLoveDigi“ and all affected third parties for all damages and lost profits suffered by them, including for paid property sanctions, attorney’s fees and other expenses, as a result of claims filed by and / or compensations paid to third parties in connection with materials subject to intellectual property, which the user has made available to third parties or has made available by using the services provided by the Website in violation of these general terms and applicable Bulgarian law.


Art. 7. „WeLoveDigi“ may change or discontinue any aspect, service or feature of the Website at any time, including but not limited to content, hours available, and equipment (software and / or hardware) necessary for access or use.

Art. 8. (1) „WeLoveDigi“ reserves the right to change or revise these general terms and conditions at any time.

(2) All changes in the general conditions will be reflected and published on the Website.

(3) The changes shall enter into force immediately after their publication.

(4) It is the responsibility of the user to get acquainted with the provisions of the general conditions before each use of the Website and continuing to use it, the user agrees with the changes.


Art. 9. Any correspondence between „WeLoveDigi“ and the user shall be made only by written statements and messages, in the form of a letter with a return of service, e-mail, pressing a virtual button on the Website and other similar, insofar as the statement is technically recorded in a way that allows to be reproduced.

Art. 10. In the event that any of the clauses of these general terms and conditions proves to be invalid, this will not invalidate the other provisions of the general terms and conditions. The invalid clause will be replaced by the mandatory norms of the law or the established usual practices.

Art. 11. The provisions of the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to all issues not settled by this contract.