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Meet NEO Pro. The only EVENT planning system that does the work for you. 

NEO Pro is a smart event management system that will help you deliver an enhanced customer experience.  

Planning and executing events whether they are virtual, hybrid or onsite are hard work! Rightly so, a lot of focus is given to the customer experience during the event whether that is selecting event themes, speakers or the best format. Imagine making the impact of all this hard work, of each individual event, count even more! NEO Pro provides data-based recommendations on engagement, activities, and event promotion across the entire event life cycle.  

Boost engagement and reach with NEO Pro.  

Simplify the process… don’t let limited resources or a lack of digital experience get in the way of hosting the events your customers truly want.  In <20 mins, you can set up an outstanding event landing page and create highly interactive events fostering continuous engagement and conversation. 

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NEO Pro is our NEW event platform designed to help pharma manage, host, plan, organise and evaluate HCPs and patient support events.
NEO Pro facilitates integration with several third-party customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation systems to share information about HCPs lists, attendance, invitations, and more. 

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